How CMA is Different

How CMA is Different

Unlike other accounting professionals who specialize in financial and tax auditing or after-the-fact verification, the CMA provides real-world strategic direction, business management, leadership and a collaborative approach to help grow successful businesses. CMA creates value instead of just measuring it. CMAs go beyond accountancy by using strategic financial management skills to focus on future success rather than past performance. CMA understand the business formula for delivering value to the customer, arriving at strategies for identifying, developing, marketing and evaluating a product or service throughout its entire life cycle. CMAs can assess all aspects of a product or service, its quality, performance, cost, and responsiveness to customer needs and expectations

Who is CMA ?

I am not Book-Keeper – I am Custodian of facts

I Evolve and Generate – not only Verify

I act Pro-actively – not Re-actively

I am on Front-lines – not on Side-lines

I believe in Risks and its Management – not Conservatism

I believe in Creativity – not only Consistency

I am a Specialist – not a Jack-of-all

I do not Follow paper trail – I Lead the trail

I think Strategically – not Historically

I get Strong with movement – not stagnation

I am Vigilant – not Ignorant

I am Agent to change – not Resistant to change

I work in Team - not Alone

I belong to a noble profession –

I am a Cost & Management Accountant