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"A small body of determined spirits, fired by an unquenchable filled in their mission can alter the course of history." – Mahatma Gandhi

We represent leading strategic management accounting professionals of India who integrate accounting expertise with advanced management skills to achieve business success. In India, The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI-CMA) is the only Institute of country which has been established under an Act of Parliament by Government of India, to conduct qualifying examination for Cost & Management Accountants (CMAs) and regulating the profession thereof.

We are whole heartedly supporting the ‘Make in India’ ‘Startup India’ 'Skill India' 'Digital India' initiatives taken by the Government of India. For more details, please visit We are continually engaged in knowledge sharing and dissemination of information which is highly relevant and important to the growth of these areas.

CMAs are capable of assuming strategic leadership and management roles in a broad range of business functions, adding value to an organization, enhancing its competitiveness and maximizing shareholders’ value.


To make Management Accounting profession; the most respected and valued profession of the world.

“Vision is not seeing things as they are but to see as they will be”

Driving Force

Think positive in life always and look for opportunities when others don’t.

Success is never ending, Failure is never final.

Never wait for things to happen, Struggle and make them happen.

Don’t expect yourself to be given a good value...

Create a value of your own.

Key Challenges

Environment Protection of the Universe

Education for all human beings.

Healthcare for all living creatures

Economic prosperity on inclusive basis

Creation of more and more leaders and entrepreneurs

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Indian Society of Management Accountants

214, Luxmi Chambers

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NEW DELHI-110028

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What is Management Accounting

Management Accounting is the internal business support role of strategic finance professionals who work inside organizations. They are involved in evaluating business processes and aggregating information for logical managerial decision making to drive economic value. Their role is quite different from other accountants who act more as public accountants.

Why Management Accounting

The role of Management Accounting differs from that of public accounting, since Management Accountants are involved at the “beginning” of the value chain and support business decision making, while public accountants check the work after the execution of business. Management accountants are valued business partners, directly supporting to an organization's strategic goals and are focused on to “DO” rather than to “CHECK”.

About CMA

CMA is strategic management accounting professional who combine accounting expertise with professional management skills to provide leadership, innovation and an integrating perspective to organizational decision-making. CMAs apply advanced management practices in a wide array of business functions including strategic planning, finance, human resources, marketing, operations, information technology and corporate accountability.

CMAs have unique competencies in cost management, strategic performance measurement, process management, risk management, assurance services and stakeholder reporting, coupled with the ability to connect strategy with operations and anticipate customer and supplier needs.

Working in organizations of all sizes, CMAs provide an integrating perspective to business decision-making, applying best management practices in wide areas of business including strategic planning, finance, human resources, marketing, operations, information technology and corporate accountability, to identify new market opportunities and help organizations to maintain a sustainable long-term competitive advantage

How CMA is different

Unlike other accounting professionals who specialize in financial and tax auditing or after-the-fact verification, the CMA provides real-world strategic direction, business management, leadership and a collaborative approach to help grow successful businesses.

CMA creates value instead of just measuring it. CMAs go beyond accountancy by using strategic financial management skills to focus on future success rather than past performance.

CMA understand the business formula for delivering value to the customer, arriving at strategies for identifying, developing, marketing and evaluating a product or service throughout its entire life cycle. CMAs are able to assess all aspects of a product or service, its quality, performance, cost, and responsiveness to customer needs and expectations

Who is CMA

I am not Book-Keeper – I am Custodian of facts

I do not Follow paper trail – I Lead the trail

I Evolve and Generate – not only Verify

I think Strategically – not Historically

I act Pro-actively – not Re-actively

I get Strong with movement – not stagnation

I am on Front-lines – not on Side-lines

I am Vigilant – not Ignorant

I believe in Risks and its Management – not Conservatism

I am Agent to change – not Resistant to change

I believe in Creativity – not only Consistency

I work in Team - not Alone

I am a Specialist – not a Jack-of-all

I belong to a noble profession –

I am a Cost & Management Accountant

CMA India Pledge

“As CMA of India, I am committed to continuous improvement. I will uphold high ethical and professional standards to maintain public confidence in Management Accountancy. I will adhere to ethical guidelines and regulations of Institute of Cost Accountants of India.. I will constantly endeavor to excel in adding and creating value for all stakeholders of business by my professional competence.”

Governing Council


CMA Pankaj Jain

Sr.Vice President

CMA Krishna Dasan.A

Vice President

CMA (Dr.) Amarendra Kumar


CMA Manish Kandpal

Joint Secretary

CMA Kalyani Karna


CMA N.K. Gupta


CMA Dr. S.K. Tayal
CMA Rajani Aggarwal

Non CMA Representative

Ms. Aparajita Prasad

Student Member

Mr. Hardik Dholakiya

Eminent Management Accountants